Monday, March 4, 2013

The Slo-femist (Un)fashion Show

Some ideas for the Slo-femist (Un)fashion Show:

People in the audience are actually knitting, crocheting, mending clothes as the show is going on. The slow fashion on display is remade, recycled, mended and re-fashioned--the more times the better. If it becomes an annual show, the challenge is to show the same remodeled pieces from the year before, and so on.

The people who narrate the show are also the people wearing and creating the clothes--the division of labor among seamstress, designer and model are not hierarchical.

Artists bring the scraps they can not use to be shared and/or composted (if they are very wee).

Artists also display unique patches, mending techniques, natural dye methods.

One part of the space could be a clothing swap depot.

There would be no division between haute couture and ready-to-wear.

Some slo-femist uniforms could be conceived and devised, for slo-femist activities such as pruning, weeding, composting, beekeeping, feeding the chickens, victory gardening, etc.

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