Friday, May 10, 2013

Message from the Queen Bee: Vote for the Bee Party

Well, I must say, the bumble bees must be sighing with relief now that the laburnum and horse chestnuts are blooming for them. Lots of pollen and nectar for our furry cousins. Now, at this time of the year we must remind humans that they must teach their children NOT to eat any part of the laburnum as it is extremely TOXIC. Also the clematis which is blooming right now in many forms is also poisonous and should be kept from the very young who stick all manner of things in their gooey gaping maws. Always research a plant before you put it in a children's garden to see if it is toxic and/or medicinal.

I spend a lot of time in the spring teaching bees and humans about the joys of pollen and nectar, and it is rewarding but exhausting. Which is why we really need to vote for the Bee Party--a big celebration for the bees. No, I don't mean a political party--all that humdrum democracy and bean counting is tedious. I was chosen by Divine Right to be Queen, and voting was simply not part of the process.

I vote that after all this Mother's Day nonsense is over and done with, we have a great big party, celebrating Moi-Même, the Greatest Mother of All. Celebrate by planting herbs and flowers rich with pollen and nectar for me and my unsurpassable hive. Plant poppies, cat mint, anise hyssop, sunflowers, clover, lavender, fennel, cornflowers, and all those gorgeous plants that will make our hive flourish.

 We were very pleased to perform a royal visit to West Point Grey, which in spite of its name, is actually quite a colorful neighborhood with some acceptable gardens.

 I was very honored with a small celebration for myself with heapings of royal jelly on scones, royal jelly and cucumber sandwiches, royal jelly drops, royal jell-oh, royal jelly roll, royal jam roly poly, and royal jelly fish. I was almost too full to toddle back to the hive and lay the rest of the day's eggs.

Great Benificent Blessings to You All,

HRH The Queen Bee

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