Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rusty Bumble Bees

I found a lovely population of rusty bumble bees at some curbside garden in West Point Grey. They love the lupins that the gardener has planted. I wonder if their bright colors means they are newly hatched. In one of the photos below you'll see that the pollen they are collecting matches that rusty hue on their butts. It also occurs to me that the pollen is collecting on those rusty hairs and enhancing that color.

Here's a good view of that orange pollen.

The poppies weren't interesting the bumble bees--they seem to have a innate system of preferred plants.

 This is a nice interplanting of Sweet Cicely and Dutchman's Breeches.

 This little one was really exhuberantly buzz-pollenating these roses.

She would get in there and then turn on the motor and  shake out that pollen, making a huge racket. You can see the lighter color of the pollen she's collecting here. A big thanks to all those curbside and traffic circle gardeners.

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