Monday, November 11, 2013

Blooming in November

 On Friday I noticed we had our first hard frost, with the nasturtiums in our garden plot looking like they'd finally been defeated. Other flowers don't seem to be bothered. The penstemons are still hanging in there, which is good for the Anna's hummingbirds and cold spiders looking for a place to hide.

Penstemons have such lovely nectar guides--I bet the hummers can see them clearly because of the reddish hues.

 There are a few campanulas about.

 And there are calendula blooming amid the maple leaves. The red of the leaves brings out the orange tones in the center of the flower.

This Malva zebrina also  has stunning nectar guides.

A "Hotlips" salvia that has bloomed all summer long.

 Woodpecker holes in a tree trunk. Some of these may be full of mason bees.

Ivy blossoms attract bees and wasps at this time of the year.

Jean's lovely chickens frolic in the autumn leaves.

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