Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Flowers Bloom at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre

 It's April, which means on sunny days we are gardening from dawn to dusk. And the bees are out!

These little native bees are lekking around the currants, snowberry, and ninebark. They are male bees with little furry faces looking for love. It has been ID'ed as an Andrena mining bee.

At noon I lay on my back watching the bees in the red flowering currants. A hummingbird also came by and sipped at the blossoms.

This mystery shrub attracted bumblebee queens.

The salmonberry has been blooming for weeks.

These are blackcurrant blossoms, which attracted a large Eastern Bumblebee queen.

  I put some grade one students to work giving the Moberly Bee Garden some TLC.

They made friends with worms and fed chafer beetle larvae to the waiting crows.

The Jarai gardeners planted out their seedlings.

And at the end of the day I needed a sweet reward: A caramel popcorn Sunday at Ernest Ice Cream!

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