Friday, April 15, 2016

Become a Citizen Scientist!

It's the time of the year to join EYA's citizen science program! Here's the call for participants:

EYA's Pollinator Monitoring Program is starting soon! Register until May 1st through the online registration form. Engage with your community as a citizen scientist by learning to identify bee species and collect data. Monitoring bees will help inform communities across the city of our native species and promote protecting their habitat into the future. Meet friends, gain fieldwork experience, and contribute to environmental science!

Training Days: During Day 1 (May 7th) participants will learn proper survey technique and how to identify four groups of bees as well as wasps and syrphid flies (all pollinators), and the differences between all groups. Day 2 (May 8th) will include practicing our techniques in observation with live bee identification and practice at survey recording.  Register to participate in as many scheduled pollinator monitoring events as you wish! You MUST attend training to participate in the monitoring sessions.

Pollinator Monitoring Dates:   
May 7 & 8    10am - 3pm      TRAINING
May 18th       1pm -   3pm      HASTINGS FOLK GARDEN (117 E. Hastings)
May 25th     10am - 12pm      VANDUSEN BOTANICAL GARDEN
May 28th     10am - 12pm      BRIDGEPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK POLLINATOR PASTURE (Richmond)
June 8th      10am - 12pm      OAK MEADOW PARK (Vancouver)
June 15th    10am - 12pm      UBC BOTANICAL GARDEN
June 22nd   10am - 12pm      MOBERLY POLLINATOR GARDEN
July 6th        10am - 12pm     OAK MEADOW PARK (Vancouver)

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