Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Radishes at Moberly: A Spicy Juicy Snack

What a beautiful day for grade threes and their buddies to garden at Moberly! Yesterday was all about radishes, as one of the beds had become covered with volunteers from last year's radish pods. (Volunteers are seeds that sprout without being sown directly by a gardener.) If we had more beds I would have one just for radishes, because they would just grow and seed without any help. However, we want to plant a variety of veggies, herbs and flowers.

This is a large radish plant that grew in the path. We're leaving it to flower for the bees. We'll just work around it! The flowers are edible too!

These are the small radish greens. The heart-shaped leaves (cotyledons) are delicious!

Here's the patch with small and medium radish plants. The medium leaves are fuzzy and not palatable until they are cooked. In wartime, people made radish soup to make sure that none of the plant was wasted. It's called "nose to tail" eating: chowing down on the root, the leaves and the flowers. Just remember to leave plenty of flowers for the bees. And thank you to my "worker bees" from Moberly Elementary.

P.S. I saw a hummingbird at the garden feeding on the borage flowers! But in my garden at home they love the salmonberry blossoms above all.

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