Monday, March 30, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival: Haiku

On Sunday the sun came out, making it an ideal day to go to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival at Van Dusen Gardens. At the entrance was this tunnel made of chicken wire filled with shredded paper. People wrote wishes and haiku on the ribbons.

This installation was inside the entrance to the gardens. You could write your haiku on the paper circles and hang it vertically.

Some people chose to have picnics outside the gardens, but once you entered the path with the cherry trees, there was another haiku installation piece called Trunk Space.

People wrote haiku and clipped them onto strings. When I was visiting the installation one little girl explored the wonderful echo inside by barking like a dog into the tubes.

This is the view up through the tubes.

This is one of my favorite entries to the haiku contest this year. It's the best reason for being late to school I can think of! Look for the haiku entries on the buses this spring.

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