Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traffic Signs for Bees

In yet another class we made seedballs for the bees today with calendula, fennel, marigold, hollyhock, and nasturtium seeds. We separated the seeds from the chaff and learned to identify the seed shapes. Next, we discussed what makes good bee habitat and what makes poor bee habitat and I asked the students to design traffic signs for the bees.

The hive hanging from a branch is a die-hard image. (That would be a wasp nest.) I blame Disney's illustrations of Winnie the Pooh. Here, the student at least has morphed it into a skep hanging from a tree. I love the artist's use of pattern and repetition. Check out the bite marks!

I love this bee dreaming of flowers and the way the artist has given the illusion of movement.

Here's a nice bold, graphic image that will look great as a chalk drawing.

I like the natural form of the tree and the unnatural scale of the hexagons here.

The student explained that this is two flowers, merged. Brilliant!

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