Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fling: One

This is a great time of the year to launch our seed balls. The students had fun tossing them into a vacant lot and marking the area as pollinator habitat with ephemeral art.

I showed the class pictures of natural art using patterns such as spirals, circles, webs, and checkerboards, which they could draw inspiration from.

I brought along organic materials for the students to use (rhododendron leaves, pusywillows, twigs, and dried flower petals) and they picked a few things they found on the site, such as the occasional rock or feather.

This spiral is accented with weeping birch twigs.

Here the teacher uses rhododendron leaves and hydrangea petals to decorate her spiral.

Some of the students used the sidewalk chalk on the plants themselves. Here, it reveals the delicate texture of the leaf.

These students chose to create a 3D sculpture in the grass and created "snow" by grating the chalk.

Some students created homages to the bees by drawing their images and wishing them well.

Others created more abstract signs.


  1. This is… incredible! Wow, I never thought anybody could do that! Does it actually look like that when you stand there for real, or does the effect only appear in photos? Because, wouldn’t it look all flat in real life?

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