Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Honeybee Centre

Is that a hive tool in your pocket or...? During spring break last week we took a trip out to the Honeybee Centre in Surrey where I bought my own bee suit with a zip-in hood.

There's lots of honey for sale and a visible hive where you can see the bees working to keep the hive warm.

Apparently this skep is a prop used in a movie. Brian the beekeeper says that skeps are actually illegal to use as beehives. They sure look great though. (The hole is around the back in this photo.)

It looks as though it was made with straw covered in mud. The other ones outside the shed are stryrofoam copies that stood in the distance of the scenes to give the illusion of more skeps.

Here's a nice little extractor for a community garden. I like that it comes with a jaunty red stand.

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