Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missed a Bus, Caught a Garage Sale

It's definitely garage sale season and today I was tempted to visit two of them, even though it is practically verboten to do so in our cluttered house. I bought some fabric for trying out natural dyes and bought a game for my son's birthday. I was given a puzzle with the vintage image of a map of Canada. I love puzzle maps and it's a great way for us to brush up on our geography.

As I was walking home from garage sale land I smelled this mock orange before I saw it. I love the luxuriant fragrance of this bush and we have a corner in our neighborhood with three trees that have bloomed and finished. I love to stand in that corner and swoon. My Fantasy Garden has mock oranges that bloom the same time as honeysuckle and the fragrance mingles as it reaches my bedroom window.

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