Sunday, August 7, 2011

UBC Farm Bouquets

Now that the amaranth and sunflowers are blooming at UBC Farm it's a great time to head to the market to buy a bouquet or two.

I love this light pink yarrow with against the dark sunflowers and amaranth sprays.

There's plenty of variety: phacelia, sweet peas, calendula and more.

The salad greens look incredibly lush.

Tim, the farm manager says they finally decided that the best place to hang the garlic to cure was right over our heads, as long as a bunch doesn't fall and conk someone on the bean.

I bought some of those filet beans and I'm going to add my own little crop in to make something beany. Any suggestions? My favorite green bean dish is made with bits of bacon and slivers of almonds.

I've been reading the story of Clara and Mr. Tiffany about the woman who invented the Tiffany lamps and this sunflower reminded me of the stained glass. I'd love to see the original lamps. I think we've become over-exposed to bad copies of the real Tiffany lamps from the early 1900's.

Catherine identified this as sorghum.

I love the velvety texture of these chocolate sunflowers. Catherine and I wandered through the flower garden and some of the student plots adjacent to the bee hives. We both felt uplifted and inspired from our visit to the farm. I'm sad to see many of the nearby trees chopped down by recent development and I appreciate that any of the remaining trees have been fought for by supporters of UBC Farm. Bouquets of thanks to them for keeping up the good fight.

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