Friday, August 5, 2011

School Garden Chores

The bumble bees were sleeping in this morning when I went to water the school Art Garden. Sadly, I couldn't get water to the garden because for some reason the tap is turned off, most likely due to work on the water mains by the city. On Monday I'll have to water, even if it means a bucket brigade from the kitchen sink.

In the mean time the weeds are thriving, so I put in an hour of weeding and gave myself a classic weeding blister in the middle of my palm under my glove. Ouch!

This looks like a very snuggly place for a nap.

I'm thrilled the garden has become a haven for the bees.

Now that the August plants are blooming, some surprises are showing up in the flowers. Some of the rudbeckia are smooth-stemmed, like this one.

Some are hairy-stemmed, like this one and some are actually echinacea. I think that's great. I like surprises.

Most of the blue-eyed widow grass is blue, but....

this sisyrinchium is yellow and the bees love it!

August means we have some scarlet red flowers to pop out against the green foliage.

I know hummingbirds love these crocosmia, but this is the first time I've seen a bumble bee take a dive inside one.

This is from the garden created by the VSB gardeners that wraps around the school. I love the scarlet of these blossoms against the blue grey of the grass.

The thread-leaf coreopsis is blooming.

And we have some echinops, which are great plants for children's gardens. Luckily we have a summer camp using the school so they can appreciate all these August blooms.

On the way home I passed by my neighbor's spirea which is an excellent native bee plant for Vancouver.

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