Friday, October 25, 2013

An Open Letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Dear CBC Radio Producers,

I am very sad that our local Vancouver radio show has begun to focus a great deal of time and energy on stock market reports and business news. While there is a place for a certain amount of that kind of fiscal fascination, I feel that the news on other more pressing events has been displaced, namely weather and weather patterns. I miss the intelligent and cheerful reports from meteorologists who help describe weather events and put them into perspective. In fact I am more interested in how the weather is affecting the flora and fauna of our province than in who's making the most money on any given day. I am more interested in rare wildflowers and the endangered bees than kickstarters and start-ups. I would rather hear stories about moose and geese than mergers and bankruptcies. We need to hear about the small "b" blackberries and the twitter of indigenous birds before we lose them for our lack of attention.

I feel we are losing our connection to the outdoors and to the natural world and would enjoy more programming focussing on ecological issues. In fact I would like a whole channel devoted to the Canadian outdoor culture. It is part of our heritage and our great gift as Canadians and I feel our taxes should be going to that kind of green programming--programming for the 90% of us who do not own stocks or live our lives in the pursuit of money at the expense of a life that is rich is a deeper sense.

Many Thanks,
Lori Weidenhammer

aka Madame Beespeaker

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