Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Only Two More Days to See Cultivate at The Roundhouse!!!!!!

 Promise me you will go to see Cultivate at The Roundhouse before it closes in two days--October 10 is the last day. My colleagues have done amazing work and Cyndy Chwelos has done a stunning job curating and installing the show. I hope I can go back and spend more time with the pieces. The photo above shows work by Holly Schmidt and the Urban Weavers Guild, with a close-up of Holly's piece below. I cropped it to look like a piece of the paper we made in the workshop I led today.

 I was able to give a three day workshop on simple DIY handmade paper with embedded seeds and flower petals. I met some really lovely people and enjoyed the process which was a learning curve for me as well as the participants! I have wanted to experiment with making paper for some time and now I am inspired to take it further, especially after Brigitte Potter-Mael came by and showed us some of her exquisite papers.

 What you see below is paper made out of some of my old journals that need to be sorted through and recycled. We embarked on a three day process of letting go of the past, especially grudges and past failures in order to lighten the burdens we carry and make room for new growth. The seeds and petals are from bee plants such as cornflower, echinacea, calendula, sea holly, fennel, nigella, anise hyssop, borage, catnip, and mallow.

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