Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Planting Garlic between the Harvest Moon and Thanksgiving

I finally found the time and space to plant my garlic and some ornamental alliums at the community plot. It's a bit late, but my fingers are crossed. I was advised to add lime to the soil to help release the nutrients to make the garlic nice and big. I planted them at least 6 inches apart. There are still flowers blooming in the plot and the honeybees are still working the anise hyssop.

I was able to save a few zinnia seeds, but will have to make sure they dry properly because they are damp from all this rain.

I also cut down the anise hyssop that had finished blooming to dry the leaves and seed heads.

 My next goal is to experiment sowing some fall seeds to see how early I can get some bee plants to grow in 2014. I will try succession sowing with some key plants.

I harvested some tiny zucchinis, kale and more arugula. I hope we get a few more days like this before November.

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