Friday, June 3, 2016

Bee Friendly Manitoba!

 How sweet it was to reconnect with old friends in Winnipeg at the McNally Robinson book launch of Victory Gardens for Bees!

In  the spirit  of true Manitoban hospitality, the bookstore was warm and welcoming.

Hopefully we can make friendly Manitoba known as bee friendly Manitoba!

And I'm so excited about this bee pasture I discovered 1 block South of Broadway and Sherbrooke!

 This trifecta of catnip, clary sage and flax is stunning!

I think there are three species of bumblebees foraging here and since it's early in the season, most of them are big velvety queens.

Can you spot the leafcutter bee?

Bottoms up, sister!

 Mining bee on raspberry.

Look at how the stamens touch the sweet spot on the bee's back so that some pollen gets on the female part of the next plant she visits.

I am in love! Citizens of Wolsely, please plant some catnip (Nepeta sp.) and flowers in the Aster family quick! Get thee to Sage Garden Greenhouses to pick up some plants to support your lovely neighborhood bees!

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