Friday, June 24, 2016

EYA Citizen Scientists at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre

The women of CSI Moberly: Citizen Science Investigation at your service!

Erin graciously agreed to introduce students at Moberly Elementary to the world of bee biodiversity.

"Are these bees dead?"

"Well honey, they're not sleeping!"

Erin teaches grade three students how to get up close and personal with pinned bee specimens, respecting their fragility.

To see bees is to love bees.

Well, we have the remains of a June bug on the left and what I'm pretty sure is a European chafer beetle on the right.

Practicing TLC for the DPB (Dead Pinned Bee).

Meanwhile, in another part of the urban jungle . . .

A paper wasp munches on a juicy spider. . . or is it a harvestman, aka daddy longlegs?

 What we think is a common eastern bumblebee (Bombus impatiens) gathers pollen from California lilacs.

Compare the male Melissodes and its long antennae with the female below.

She's the one who wears the pollen pants in the family.

Female . . .

 and male.

Note that the tail from this swallowtail in missing. Perhaps chomped on by a bird?

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