Monday, June 6, 2016

Victory Gardens for Bees in Saskatoon

Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the Saskatoon Farmers Market promoting my book and helping kids make messages for the bees.

It was so blustery that I had to tape everything down.

 There are a lot of creative kids in Saskatoon.

Natale informed me that the red dots on her picture are bee stings.

I was lucky to be positioned near a fantastic local wildflower business called Blazing Star Wildflowers. This is like a candy shop to me and I was twitching to bring some of Lisa's plants home with me on the airplane. These are all great plants for bees. Saskatoon is so lucky to have this resource! Lisa really knows her wildflowers and there's lots of great information on her web site. They also sell heritage vegetable seeds.

Lisa's daughter was my helper bee of the day. She chased down all the things that would fly off my table with the big gusts of wind.

There was also a nursery selling herbs called Healthy Harvest Produce based in Clavet, Saskatchewan. Although not certified organic, they use organic practices (ie no pesticides), so that is another good place to buy your bee food plants from. 

I will be giving a lecture on Wednesday night, June 8 at 7 pm at the downtown Saskatoon Public Library.  I will be showing images of some of the different native bees, tips on what to grow to feed bees and inspiring bee forage projects. I'll also talk about my work  as a "bee mad" artist. You will be able to purchase books and I'd be happy to sign them.

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