Friday, June 17, 2016

Victory Gardens for Bees in Edmonton at Audrey's Books

It was an honor two meet some Edmonton women who run with the bees, including Heather Proctor, who generously allowed us to use some of her photos in the book. And here's Jessamyn Manson who runs a lab with students who run the the bees at the University of Alberta.

Jessamyn generously brought us some pinned specimens to peruse. I highly recommend her talk on Vimeo: Biodiversity and Abundance of Native Bees in Alberta. There were also some very cool gardeners that came and I was delighted to meet Sheryl from Pesticide-Free Edmonton. She let us know that two nurseries where it is safe to buy neonic-free plants for bees here are Salisbury Greenhouse and Wallish Greenhouses. There are also businesses at the farmer's markets where you can buy pesticide-free plants. The website of the Edmonton Native Plant Group also has some great resources. They will be choosing Edmonton's top natural lawns this summer. What a great idea!

Thanks to everyone at Audrey's books for hosting a lively event.

I am staying in a very hip neighborhood here in Edmonton, with treats like these from Duchess Bakery. Gorgeous!

When you wander around a neighborhood you've never visited before, it's so awesome to meet a kindred spirit.  Such is the case when I popped in to Redemption Boutique in Edmonton and met Traci, who is stylish, friendly and funny.

 Her shop is super cool with all sorts of eclectic fun stuff. And many thanks to Traci for the plug on Facebook for my Edmonton launch at Audrey's books.

 I bought some organic Assam tea at Tea Girl, a comfy little shop with a large selection of teas.

 And in the most unexpected of places there will be these lovely bright pink roses.

More color!

 And I really like the little landscaping gems like this zen garden. Heading back home tomorrow to do the Summer Solstice Coffee House at Britannia Community Centre on Sunday night. Hope to See you there!

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