Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finding Your Happy Place

In order for me to remain a sane and functioning being, I must partake in a regular, rigorous course of restaurant therapy. I have developed the healthy habit of eating regularly at a restaurant that is warm, comforting, and serves the kind of food I love. In Saskatoon, it was a little Ukrainian restaurant named Lydia's. In Vancouver it is Trafalgar's.

 So imagine my dismay this fall when I walked up to the door of the restaurant to see the doors locked and dented with a sign saying that they had been damaged by a truck. WTF!!!!!

 I pined for three weeks while the staff worked to repair the wall. And I was there the first morning they opened, chowing down on (my) mushroom risotto. I was also given a coupon for free mimosas so I called a couple of friends who appreciate good food and we went for brunch.

I don't just share my happy place with everyone. I don't want anyone to rain on my parade, so I must know they will be respectful. And sharing good food and drinks with friends and family ups the happiness factor. Even when we talk about very sad and serious subjects, the right place keeps it all light enough to bear.

Did I mention there must be chocolate in my happy place?

 It's also double happiness that Trafalgar's has been voted Vancouver's greenest restaurant. These folks are very serious about compost.

Let's do this again!

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