Monday, November 19, 2012

Jean Talon Market

Sarah and I headed to Jean Talon Market to have tea with friends. She picked up some apples, veg, and eggs at the market. As you can see the women of Montreal rock the vintage fur. It's practical, frugal, and very chic. Many of the women I met are textile artists who know quality garments and buy their clothes second hand for ecological reasons as well as thrift.

 We didn't find tea, so we settled for some awesome soup at a little d├ępanneur where a woman makes one awseome soup of the day and sandwiches. Lucky for me it was a delicious pea soup.

We visited a sunny and spacious apartment. Many of the landlords have ripped out the radiator heating, chopped the suites in half, or even thirds to increase their income. There are still great apartments, but the golden days of cheap, spacious living seem to be over.

You can't have vertigo if you are going to live upstairs and plant kale on your balcony!

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