Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Juliette et Chocolat

 Juliette et Chocolat is a chocolate shop that has a few locations in Montreal. I had time to kill before my rehearsal near UQAM, so I had lunch at the location there. What you see here is my spinach Galette de Sarrasin--a buckwheat crepe. As with other food I had in Montreal, I kept thinking, now THIS is le vrai chose, this is real crepe, not some wimpy facsimile. This crepe had gutsy flavors and as you can see, a good portion of salad on the side. This is a proper lunch.

 I was on a budget, so didn't try their chocolates, but I did drool all over the glass case.

These babies come with a scoop of ice creme and caramel sauce.

 These are the machines to look for if you want an amazing chocolat chaud. I have never seen three of them in a row!!!

 I was a bit puzzled by the chocolate lipsticks--are they for adults or children? I can imagine they could go both ways.

 So dessert in a jar is also a big thing at this shop. There were lots to choose from. I choose caramel pudding, garnished with bits of the brownies that they make. They make ten different brownies and have an extensive dessert menu. Brownies are a big thing in Montreal right now, it seems every chocolate shop I visited makes signature brownies.

Juliette et Chocolat also makes a decent cup of tea. You choose your loose tea from samples in a chest brought to your table and then they put it in a bag for you to steep. I had a good cup of heady jasmine green.

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