Friday, January 4, 2013

A Regenerating Walk

 When the sun came out this week, I headed to Kitsilano for my favorite meal at Aphrodite's Organic Delights with an energizing glass of home brewed iced tea.

 I walked all the way up the hill to the City Farmer Garden, passing some nascent spring bulbs poking up through the earth.

 I always love seeing the bones of a winter garden, the rocks and hardscaping that keep it all in place and give it a unique shape. I saw a small shadow pass over the side of a house that caught my eye. It was a hummingbird! A good omen for 2013.

 I mourned the loss of this Christmas tree, chucked out to be chipped. It wasn't even dry. I took a couple of clipping home to infuse into some homemade lotion.

 Of course I had to pick up some German chocolate cake to take home from Arbutus Coffee.

 I spotted this awesome insect hotel in a traffic circle.

This roof makes me very happy.

This little guy flies over the garden at City Farmer.

I like the idea of putting these gutter planters on the sides of the greenhouse

All the paths have been well mulched to keep back the weeds, which is also very smart.

The bird life in this garden and the adjacent community gardens is very lively. I sat and observed the starlings, robins, juncos, sparrows, and strawberry finches--another kind of regenerative meditation.

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  1. What a lovely little walk you went on. Thank you for sharing it, it kinda makes me feel like I went on it too!