Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My funny little tradition is to make 100 New Year's Resolutions, but this year, I've done things a bit differently. I have chosen three guiding principals for this year: healthy, thrifty, tidy. These are simple war time, recession-era directives. These are not the grand goals of new age gurus, the ones like World Peace, Transformation, Personal Enlightenment, etc. Nope.  Those folks are always telling is to think larger, that we're hemming ourselves in by thinking too small. We can accomplish Great Things. Yeah well, that's not always true, and besides, all Great Things are accomplished with small steps and simple resolve.

There are also some good words I'm going to keep close to my heart: regeneration, destination, and clarity. My friend gave me a beautiful painting of pomegranates, stating they were the symbol of regeneration. I like the idea of bringing things back to the way they were instead of always seeking novelty, new goals, and great heights. Sometimes sustainability should be an emotional and spiritual goal as well as an ecological one. I am inspired by the postman, the man with a clear goal and a destination. He has clarity and a solid sense of destiny. I am inspired by a person with a map, with gifts to give, and the power of his own legs to do the job. I will meditate upon the postman.

I also declare this the personal year of my inner showgirl. Stay tuned.

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