Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Singing the Rain

This is a fantastic rendition of a song by Toto sung by a Slovenian choir called Perpetuum Jazzile. Watch how the choir makes the sound of a rainstorm. I love how they make the sounds of all the musical instruments using their voices. As I was walking in the rain today, I noticed how many different tunes and rhythms the falling water makes. I sang back to the rain, imitating it with my voice. This is a fun thing you you to do as you go on a walk with your family in the rain.

Have you ever noticed how some birds have very watery sounds? I think that the tonk! call made by ravens sounds a lot like a stone being dropped in water. Ravens have a relatively large bird vocabulary and can be heard a mile away. This past year, we've had a pair nesting up near The Nat Bailey Stadium and you can often hear them at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. The American Bittern makes a sound like oonk a lunk. I think it sounds like a very big stone being dropped in a lake. Listen here at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website and see what you think.

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