Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starling Darling

I love this video of a starling named "Pepper" who has been taught to speak by the person who rescued him. Starlings are amazing mimics, and have an incredible ability to learn to mimic sounds in their first six months and some can learn new sounds even later in life. There's another video of the same bird here with even more clarity. I love the way his throat feathers flare out when he speaks, and I'm amazed at his ability to whistle.

The owner says: Here's a sleepy Pepper August 22, 2009 around 11:30 a.m. Before he dozes off, you can hear him say, Hi sweet, hi Pepper, pretty, you look marvelous, you look pretty, baby you're pretty, hi sweetheart, sleepy, sleepy time, baby k?, sleepy time k? hi sweety, pretty boy...

I am doing research on starlings for a performance art community choir I'll be directing this winter. You and your family can participate in my free workshops and take part on the performance. Stay tuned for details.

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