Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dusk in the August Garden

 Dusk falls on the August garden after a lovely dinner followed by whiskey hazelnut Earnest Ice Cream topped with apricots simmered with buckwheat honey. After a morning spent running errands downtown I am grateful to be back home surrounded by our little green oasis.

 The late summer light makes the colors of the flowers pop. Tonight I noticed that the Cleome spinosa perks up and offers nectar at night, a sure sign it evolved for night pollinators like bats.

 Speaking of bats, I wonder if this moth is meant to resemble a bat, cat, or squirrel.

A hummingbird visited later than usual tonight, doing her rounds: buddleia, crocosmia, back to the buddleia, scarlet runner beans, sweat peas, and then zinnias. She has a strict sense of preference.

Other small songbirds are starting to visit the garden as well. They love to perch on the bamboo supports for the sweet peas. You could do a whole sculpture project just on perching points for birds.

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