Monday, August 19, 2013

The Stilleto Fly

I have reached a point of insect nerdery from which there is no return: sifting through photos of flies to identify what I have photographed. It's not even a flipping bee! It's a FLY! Anyway, it was acting like a bee and dressed like the men in black suits, so I'm thinking it's a stilleto fly from the family Therevidae. The larvae are vicious and voracious, garnering the mafia-related name. They prey on the larvae and pupae of other insects. The adults feed on nectar, honeydew and pollen and occasionally on animal or vegetable secretions. OMG that sounds creepy.

 I'm pretty sure I saw another one today in some sandy soil in VanDusen Gardens, so this must be their favorite time of the year. Anyway, it's a predatory fly: enjoy!

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