Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bee School with Brian Campbell Starts Next Week!!!

If you are interested in learning about beekeeping, check out Brian Campbell's Bee School:

"The Bee School Certificate Program is the first in British Columbia to offer a comprehensive program in sustainable small-scale organic and urban beekeeping.  With equal emphasis on hands on learning and classroom instruction the goal of the program is to teach best practices to beginners, to reinvigorate experienced beekeepers, to offer opportunities and experiences to take hive management and practices to higher levels."

Brian is a warm, funny teacher with a deep respect for the healthy and welfare of honeybees and native bees. He is also very respectful of humans, which makes him a valued mentor in our community. Brian has also been a tireless worker in the food security community and he has a deep knowledge of seeds, fruit trees, mason bees, bumblebees and of course, honeybees.

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