Monday, March 24, 2014

The UNIBUG Forum is this Weekend Featuring a Talk by Dr. Elle on Wild Pollinators


Dr. Elle will be speaking at Douglas College Institute of Urban Ecology as part of the 2014  UNIBUG forum:

This Saturday: March 29

10 am-12 pm

From the Douglas College website:

Douglas College is launching a new research initiative that explores the activity of bees and other pollinators in home and community gardens. The official launch takes place during the 3rd-annual UNIBUG (User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden) forum, a free public event on March 29.

For the study, the college's UNIBUG project is working with community volunteers who will place small bee houses in their gardens to attract the insects. From spring to fall, the volunteers will periodically monitor insect activity in order to improve understanding about wild pollinator populations in the region.

The UNIBUG forum will also feature a talk from Elizabeth Elle, a pollination ecologist from Simon Fraser University. In light of bee population declines around the world, Elle will discuss the diversity of wild pollinators, their role in plant reproduction, and how gardens can help them survive and thrive. Another highlight of the forum will be a workshop on how to build bee houses for use in home gardens.

The forum takes place on Saturday, March 29 from 10am-12pm in room 2201 on the Douglas College New Westminster campus (700 Royal Ave., New Westminster). For more information about the Institute of Urban Ecology or the UNIBUG project, visit

New Westminster Campus
Room 2201, 700 Royal Ave.
1 block from New West Train Station

Check out the Facebook Page here.

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