Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do You Have a Lawn Fetish? It's Time for an Intervention

I was very pleased to see a wonderful post on the North American Obsession with the monoculture lawn here at Beautiful Wildlife Garden. I am in the process of digging up my lawn to plant bee forage which has been quite challenging, so I'm always looking for good tips. Then I watched the new documentary called Gimme Green by Isaac Brown and Eric Reed which is a scathing critique of the "perfect lawn" and I must admit the pro-lawn folks made me feel quite sick to my stomach, especially the dude who was a little bit too attached to his lawn--it definitely has become his fetish. Let's face it people, the suburban lawn is an American pathology and it's time we sought treatment.

Speaking of lawns, I saw the first open dandelion last Thursday on a south-facing boulevard. Even though we had a snow on March 1st, it won't be long until the lawns are sprouting daisies and clover. Go weeds go!

I also witnessed another beautiful sign of spring when I watched a male and female flicker perform a mating ritual atop a power pole on our street.

flickers air-kissing
nod, curtsey, bow and repeat
the woodpecker's waltz

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  1. Even though it keeps snowing, spring keeps trying to peek it's head out, doesn't? I can't wait to start hearing the song birds again!