Friday, March 28, 2014

Sign Up for Our Workshop at UBC Farm: Healing Hedgrows for Humans and Bees

Healing Hedgerows for Humans and Bees: Seasonal wild foraging

Join the Artist Madame Beespeaker and Contemporary Herbalist Lori Snyder for a tour of the Agroforestry hedgerows of UBC Farm followed by hands on experience making simple home remedies from hedgerow plants. Madame Beespeaker will talk about the ways hedgerows can provide a solution to supporting the health of honeybees as well as providing habitat for our precious native bees. Lori Snyder will show you how to forage for seasonal wild edibles and make herbal teas, healing foot soaks and salves from hedgerow plants.

Sample herbal teas foraged from plants that grow abundantly around us like gingko biloba, peppermint, fresh strawberry leaf, uva ursi or blackberry leaf
Foot Soaks: treating your feet with external medicine can be an effective way of removing toxins from the body and re-invigorating your health
Salves: Beeswax melted into oils infused with hedgerow herbs can make balms to treat rashes, bruises, and muscular aches and pains
Taste:  Learn to forage for wild greens and experience their exotic flavours along with all the goodness they contain

What to bring & what you'll take home!
Bring along some raw honey and see what we might find to infuse into.  Time permitting, learn to make your own hydrosols. Attendees will take homea mind-map handout and their own infused honey.

The Presenters:
Madame Beespeaker aka Lori Weidenhammer is a an eco-artist with a passion for bees, birds and the plants that support them. 
Lori Snyder has been working with herbal medicines and wild foods for several years and she just completed her training as a professional chef.

Date: April 29
Location:  UBC Farm Centre
3461 Ross Drive
Vancouver BC

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  1. Is the date of this event on May 31st, 2014?
    And not April 29th as above?