Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Bumblebee Queen Sighting of 2014

Doesn't winter leave you hungry for color?
Doesn't it make you thankful for all those sweet gardeners who planted crocuses for the bees?

Just as I was wondering if there really is pollen in these crocuses, a bumblebee queen emerged with the answer to my question covering her head and thorax. Pollen? Affirmative! The rhododendrons are starting to bloom, along with pieris japonica and lungwort. Our local pussywillows should be just about to produce pollen. I saw lots of flower buds on my gingko walk today: plum, japonica, red flowering currant, and forsythia. Those crocuses are going to fade quickly and new buds on the block about to break out in bloom, so make sure you get outside and enjoy every bit of it.

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