Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Time to Get Your Garden In!: Plant Organic Seeds, Herbs and Bedding Plants for Bees

It was such a perfect day for gardening yesterday, especially being surrounded by buzzing bees and students. With Thomas Courtemanche's help we finally finished the new garden bed! Now I can go on my book tour, and maybe get some more sleep not having to worry about how to get the garden in. Who decided to launch a book during high gardening season?! OMG . . . the stress.

It reminds me of a story from Saskatchewan. One of our neighbors told me she was pregnant with her son and the local doctor wanted to take his holiday. "Hurry up and have that baby, so I can catch some fish!" he grumbled. "Not until I get my garden in," she stated firmly. And sure enough, she "got 'er in", and then went into labor and the doc "got 'im out".

This is time when all the gardeners across Canada are "getting it in", and so while their hands are in the soil I will be reminding them to plant food for bees. People go a little crazy on Victoria Day weekend and spend lots of money on seeds and  plants. Take a moment to invest in organic seeds and herbs for bees and avoid neonic-treated bedding plants at all cost. Take your time, slow down and enjoy the good karma of feeding the bees.

Hope to see you at the launch tomorrow.

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