Sunday, May 15, 2016

One of My Favorite Bee Garden Boulevards: Trimble and 7th

 Yesterday I took the chance to visit one of my favorite boulevards in Vancouver. It's lupin madness!

I did a photo shoot here a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed the bumblebee action, so I wanted to revisit this spot.

 When I looked at these photos on the computer I realized I had caught a syrphid fly laying eggs among aphids. Her larvae will eat the pests as they multiply. Look at the camouflage of those aphids! I didn't notice them at all while taking the photos.

Check out that lovely shade of brick red pollen on the bumblebee's baskets.

In the park kitty-corner across from lupin boulevard there is a gorgeous rose bush full of bees.

This is a great place to see and hear bumblebees buzz-pollinating roses.

I have never seen such full pollen baskets. They literally meet in the middle! Let's plant more of these roses, folks!

A big bouquet of thanks to the gardeners who planted this garden and the ones who sponsor it now.

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