Saturday, May 14, 2016

The California Lilacs are Blooming in Hinge Park in Vancouver's Olympic Village

It was a pleasure to take mom and dad, who are visiting from Alberta, to Olympic Village. It is thirty years since they'd been here at Expo '86.  We enjoyed watching the bees forage in the California lilacs and other fantastic pollinator hedges at the park before enjoying a pub lunch in the Salt Building.

This lilac hedge with the spirea is a beautiful combination.

 Spring Andrena mining bees love ninebark.

Twinberries and Indian plum are already fruiting.

Beautiful design.

Then we went beaver spotting, but didn't catch a glimpse of the elusive mammals.

We did hear and see a red-winged blackbird, which is nostalgic for me from my childhood in Saskatchewan. And Hinge Park was raucous with flickers and starlings. Then we met this giant "pub crawler".

 It's also the time when the California poppies start blooming to feed the bees.

Mom and I went shopping on Granville Island.

The Canada geese went without birth control this year--so many sons of geese.

Micro greens at PICA.

And finally, to celebrate my husband's birthday, we dined al fresco.

Spot prawn season has just opened.

And rhubarb season is well on its way.

Meanwhile, a bird's thwarted attempt to eat this large flying ant left it for some tiny ants to devour. Everybody's gotta eat!

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