Sunday, May 8, 2016

Messages for the Bees in the Dunbar Community Centre

This garden in Kitsilano, is full of great alliums for bees, including this Sicilian honey garlic. Bravo!

This hawthorn with double pink blossoms is a pink flamingo--I don't think it does anything for bees, which is a shame, because the single hawthorn varieties are one of the best trees for bees.

And here it is: the beautiful Working Holiday Coffee Bar.

Thanks to all the folks who left messages for the bees.

Marriage, birth or burying,
News across the seas,
All your sad or merrying
You must tell the bees.

The horse chestnuts also have a pink variety, but unlike the pink hawthorn it still seems to have the parts to produce nectar and pollen to feed the bees.

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