Thursday, May 26, 2016

Women Who Run with Bees in the Okanagan

I'm so pleased to be here in the Okanagan, my first stop on a western Canadian tour for Victory Gardens for Bees. I am seeking solace in a quiet, woodland retreat with little surprises like this lovely herb garden tended by Nancy Holmes.

Today I put the finishing touches on my lecture as I listened to a babbling creek, the buzzing of bees and wasps and the chattering from a picnic of school children.

This is a good place to rest after a very busy period, gain some clarity and recharge my batteries. 
This weekend we also have a family wedding, so I am really happy we'll be reuniting for a very special occasion in a beautiful place. 

Next week I'll be heading to Winnipeg for a book launch at McNally Robinson in Grant Park in the Atrium on the evening of June 2 at 7 pm and a noon hour lecture at MAWA on Friday, June 3. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!


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