Sunday, August 7, 2016

UBC Farm Market with the Dudes

I know people go to the UBC Farm market for the veggies, fruit, and free range eggs, but I'm all about the flowers and the bees. I convinced my husband and son to come out and enjoy the farm with me.

And here they are, my rock stars, looking very underwhelmed at being dragged out of the man cave. The words "humoring me" come to mind.

 I am so happy to see so  much cerinthe here for the happy bumblebees.

It also sounds amazing as the bees vibrate to a high pitch inside the bell-shaped blossoms. I tried to convince the sound artist he should come out and do a recording. It would be fun to put mikes and speakers right in the flower patch.

Look at these beautiful scabiosa blossoms.

I do have a soft spot for the candyshop colors of old- fashioned zinnias. I'm seeing more and more eastern bumblebees around Vancouver this year. It's an invasion of the nest snatchers.

Phacelia and oats.

 Lacy phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) is such a great bee plant because it offers both nectar and pollen rewards for bees and attracts a wide variety of  bee species. I'm always happy to see it at the farm.

Now that it's August, the bee species are starting to dwindle to a few familiar suspects like this jaunty dude: Halictus rubucundis.

These straw flowers amaze me with their everlasting petals and tightly packed florets.

The August color pallet is full of delicate shades of peaches and cream.

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