Saturday, August 6, 2016

Visit Earthwise Farm and Garden on Market Day

If you need more reasons to visit the Earthwise Farm and Garden on market day, here's some more views from this inspiring haven. (Check out the posts below to see other views of the garden.)

Font love!

This dry riverbed is a fantastic garden feature for biodiversity. All kinds of ground-nesting insects were sunning on the rocks.

 Have you ever seen such a cute wasp?

It's got the face of an andrena bee and the "waist" of a wasp. The antennae were quivering, as in many parasitic wasps. And look at those long legs! It's like a cartoon.

Airy Verbena bonariensis is used all over the place at this site to great effect. Growing it behind lower plants is such a great way to layer in some more blossoms for bees.

This bumblebee was twerking these stamens big time, buzz-pollinating these lovely roses.

This is where you purchase your veggies inside the barn.

I can attest to the deliciousness of this jam and the tomatoes above. We also bought some of their natural ink made of walnuts, which I am going to use to sketch some bees and wasps. Did you know you can even use it as a hair dye?

When you're inside the market you can check out the barn owl cam to see the mother on her nest.

There were a lot of sand wasps here and they seem to love brown-eyed Susan flowers, but basically everywhere there were bees there were bembix.

I like the way the patterns on the back of the wasp echo the patterns in the oregano.

Can you spot the hummer on the very bottom branch of the right side of the tree?

Lots more organic plants for sale in the back! And don't forget to bring cash!

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