Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Bee Habitat Workshop

One of my favorite gigs is working with the Creative Remix Summer Camp at The Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre. This year we created bee habitat scuptures for the kids to take home and put on their balcony or garden. This is a brand new workshop!

It's such a great time of the year to work with the herb garden, which has been filling in nicely.

Rules to live by: No negative language!

It was pajama day--thus the pjs and slippers.

The bee experts say you can help native bees by leaving out bundles of hollow stems and twigs. I thought we'd experiment using bamboo at various angles to see which orientation the bees prefer. After all, stems naturally grow vertically.

We also explored the structure of flowers, looking closely at how the bees reach the pollen and nectar in different herbs.

I like to get the students to explore the herbs with all their senses and draw the details in the leaves, stems, and flowers.


Turns out honey bees love butterfly bushes too! The nectaries must be full enough that this girl can reach it the liquid using her tongue's capillary action.

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