Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo Shoot Glam

 Just so you know my life is not all bees and butterflies. . . . My colleague Carol Sawyer is creating new photos for her fabulous Natalie Brettschneider persona and I was privileged to participate in two photo shoots. I got to have my hair done by a fabulous stylist from East Vanity Hair Salon and wear this incredible ensemble! It was so fun to get all glammed up--something I have not done for a few years.

My son took this photo of me after a day of shooting. I was amazed at how well the hair do stood up after all the hats and hilarity. One funny thing about the experience was how I realized my hands are so far removed from the manicured nails of the fifties femme. My hands are scratched, suntanned, stained, garden soiled, and I have really short gardener's nails. Next time I think my character needs to wear gloves!

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