Saturday, July 21, 2012

UBC Farm Bee Plants

 There is a new series of herb beds at UBC farm which are bee magnets. Check out this sleepy native bee in the leaf of an anise hyssop plant.

 Oops, I accidently woke the bee up. See how the antennae perked upwards?

 I love the different types of monarda blooming at the farm. The butterflies will enjoy these pink varieties.

 These red monarda are hummingbird magnets.

 Here's the anise hyssop plant. I recently read that these plants are not as invasive as other mints. I think planting them in these little raised beds is still a great idea. I noticed they were selling herb starts at the market as well, which is a great way of spreading bee plants around the city.

 This is a little installation in the Landed Learning Garden. I love how the colors in the yarm pick out the colors in the poppies and nasturtiums.

 We noticed that the trellis is protecting an asparagus bed. Sweet!

 Here's what the lucky CSA folks are getting this week.

 I bought some of these blueberries and had them tonight with (GMO free!) cheesecake from Mobius coffee shop--awesome!

 I had to buy some garlic, of course.

 UBC Farm has the best salad greens in the west.

I love how the colors pop in these radishes.

Now after seeing this plant at UBC Farm for many years I think I have identified it as true hyssop. Unfortunately is has been crowded out by this new bush, but I hope we can save seeds and replant some of it, because it's a plant I don't see very often.

Be sure to come out next Saturday for a bee-themed market with lots of family activities and a chance to meet the Queen Bee!

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