Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bees in the World in a Garden

 I had a lovely time leading a workshop at The Passport to Permaculture Camp at World in a Garden. We talked about the biodiversity of bees, made bee habitats for native bees and left messages for the honeybees.

The kids wore gloves to handle the bamboo as it does tend to give slivers.

It's good to work in three dimensions to get the brain working creatively.

 This dude put his bee habitat on his hat. Hmmmm, he thinks the same way I do. Maybe he's a budding performance artist?

 I knew the beekeeper was coming in the afternoon to open the hive, so we made messages for the bees and I took the students a few at a time to get as close to the hive as they felt comfortable doing.

 We tried to pet a sleepy bumble bee and he crawled up on a girl's finger. The look on her face was delight mixed with surprise. And it didn't sting!

 It was a perfect day for honeybee activity.

 When the kids started snacking on raspberries and other things in the garden we decided it was snack break time. The kids generously shared their kale chips with me. They were delicious! The secret was they were covered in Little Creek salad dressing (my fave) and dehydrated. Wow.

 California poppies are perfect for spotting bumble bees.

 Doesn't this kohlrabi look delicious? You have a chance to buy food from the garden this Friday from 3-5 pm when the kids set up their own market stall.

I hope there's gonna be kale chips!

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