Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wasp Removal Guy

Folks at this time of the year may need to get rid of big wasp nests if they are near the entrance to a house or in a high traffic area. There is a humane wasp removal dude in the Lower Mainland named Joe Wasp. His web site is clear and informative. He also deals with swarms and bees that have set up home in your home. If you know a beekeeper in your neighborhood, ask if you can have their phone number to put on your fridge in case you see a swarm in your hood. You can also look up a local beekeeper/swarm catcher here.

I am going to put on my bee suit and check out what's buzzing in a neighbor's attic. Chances are, they are wasps and will die in the winter, but there's a slim chance it's a colony of feral honey bees. Better to check it out now before the ceiling caves in, dripping with wax and honey. Well, a girl can dream . . . .

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