Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Creative Classroom

I was very privileged to work with a class at Laura Secord Elementary. The teacher and the students wowed me with their creative spirit and eagerness to engage with the world around them.

And whenever you meet wonderful and interesting people you learn new things. I was very intrigued by this system of using body signs with vowels.

Here is a poster illustrating the different ways that French and English speakers phonetically mimic the sounds of animals and birds. Les hiboux huhulent!

 Le vocabulaire!

This poster is so sweet. I think it should be a banner in the House of Commons! Order in the House! Whole Body Listening! WBL!

 Here's a fantastic craft project for The Year of the Snake.

As I was doing my research I found that Canadian poet Paul Dutton has done a sound poem called Murmur. So I commissioned the students to create their own homage to Monsieur Dutton and they came up with some great stuff. I see you can even download the Murmur poem for your ring tone on you cell phone. That is hilarious! I am looking forward to further adventures with this creative group.

 As I was walking around the neighbordhood I noticed a house that had beehives insulated and well protected from any vermin that might try to access the hives in the winter.

The garage had a bat box as well.  This is what a green city looks like!

On Pink Shirt Day, as we celebrate human difference and diversity it's also wonderful to celebrate biodiversity as well. Vive le difference!

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