Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tea Party Score

 I'm having great fun creating this score. Here's how the tea party is looking so far. I've put the bird connected to the mnemonic phrases in square brackets. I'm looking forward to adding some visual elements to the score.

Part 3: The Tea Party

The builder sits
on the edge of a cinder block fence
tea drops into a thermos
full of sweet, hot chai

hummingbirds kvetch
at the witchhazel bush
sweet box blossoms make me swoon
it's time to drink sweet tea with you

Phoebe, come to tea! [black capped chickadee] Come on you all, come to tea!

Polly put the kettle on, the kettle on the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea [first half time, then speed up later]

Won't you be the sugar in ma tea?--A- B flat

[scat and improvisational section everyone else is the rhythm section using these bird songs]

tweedle dum, tweedle dee tweedle dum tweedle dee deeee [American Robin]

Sweet sweet sweet, I'm so sweet! [yellow warbler]
Sweet sweet sweet, you're so sweet!
sweet sweet sweet, sweeter than sweet!

Conkaree--drink your tea conka ree ya! [red-winged black bird] Drink your tea Pheobe, Phoebe. . . Drink your tea Phoebe!

Show us how you drink your tea! [An invitation to others to sing solos on how they like their tea. Give them encouragement!]

C'mon ladies!

Boys boys, how do you like your tea?

Cheeriup, cheerily, [American robin] ladies, ladies, drink your tea.

Pure sweet canaDA canaDA CanadDA [White throated sparrow] how do you like your tea?

Me--I like sweet Canadian tea with maple syrup! No milk no for me--straight up yesiree.

Madge, how do you like your tea?

Madge madge, pick beetles off, the water's hot hot hot! [song sparrow]

No no that's not how I like my tea! I don't WANT beetles in my tea--I'm a fruitarian.

Suki take it off again, Suki take it off again, Suki take it off again,
we'll all go away.

we'll all go away
we'll all go away
we'll all go away

[decresc. to a whisper]

[followed by Crow Hour]

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