Wednesday, February 13, 2013


And so to continue along the Maccha trail. . . 

We headed to a beautiful little spot called Nourish at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.

The food is beautiful and tasty and I love their philosophy. From the Nourish website:

Nutritional ingredients increase Physical Performance.
A holistic diet facilitates Emotional Empowerment.
Conscious eating promotes Environmental Respect.
Nourish Yourself From The Inside Out.

To Help People Eat Healthier
Guiding Principles
Create connections through food.
Eat with people you love.
Be Considerate.
Take time to do things well.
Questions yourself every day.
Embrace simple pleasures.
Accept Change.

I had this lovely benny with lots o' delicious kale. And yes, they serve Maccha!

This place is really going to rock in the summer because there's a patio and this is your view:

There's a tiny wonderful gift shop selling these awesome bird feeders made by a staff person at the garden.

There are also locally made skin creams made with natural ingredients.

So you can see that I just want to move in and live in this garden! I see that as of Feb 15, Nourish will be open for dinner. Awesome!

My friend loved her breakfast sausages so much we headed to the red Barn Market to buy some.

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